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Airport Transfers with Airport.mu - How it works

Step #1: Fill The Form

First step to book your airport transfer is to fill the form and let us know your: name and email address, the date and time you will need the transfer and to what location.

Step #2: Check Your Email!

After submitting the form, you will receive by email:

  • (Immediately) An Automated Request Confirmation to let you know that your request has succesfully been recorded and is now being processed.
  • (Within 24 hours) Your Airport Transfer Offer with pricing and other details relevant for your airport transfer.

Step #3: Accept the offer!

In response to the Airport Transfer Offer Email you only need to write that you wish to take the offer, if such is the case. If you have any changes or additions to your booking, now is the time to mention that.

Step #4: Enjoy your on time Airport Transfer!

On arrival of your airport transfer, you will be asked to make the payment. Once that is taken care of you are ready to go!